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02-19-2011, 04:02 AM
maintenance?what is maintenance?
in my fleet we have a running saying and bet to this question,its called job security.
cryptic tries to fix a problem (ie:gravety well) which was fixed in yesterdays (friday) patch
but because they fixed this problem they have probably created 3 or more other problems that now need fixing so as i stated before maintenance =job security.
another running bet we have is the emergency maintenance for the episodes so far cryptic is two for two with today being the third episode,we can almost set our watches to the server downtime because as we suspect the servers will crash due to too many people jamming the server which in turn means "emergency server maintenance".
I have played alot of mmo's over the past 30 years and they all have the same problem when do you take the servers down in order to fix problems without ****ing off the masses?just to mention a few swg does theres once or twice a week for 2-4 hrs in the morning,blizzard does theres on tues for 8 hrs,so cryptics maintenance is par for the corse except you shouldnt do it on a weekend when everyone is going to be on,granted this maintenance might have to do with the new episode,meaning they dont want the servers to crash in my opinion spend some of that hard earned money that you get from us and buy more bandwidth.
one last note in closing,fix the problems at hand before you venture out into more things that could screw the game up like vivox?????why would we need in game voice when the majority of the masses use ventrilo or teamspeak or skype???????