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02-19-2011, 04:27 AM
Originally Posted by Sherman001
And why would he mind a little down time for a patch, especially when it's before the sun is even up?
For those of us in North America, this is true.

However, it hits Europe right in the middle of the day and Australia and East Asia in the middle of prime time. Doing consecutive patches on Thursday night/Friday night (North America time) basically screws Aussies out of both nights' prime time play, and screws Europe out of that nice noon-time slot on Saturdays (as well as Friday).

Varying the downtime window, as well as avoiding doing it on the same nights every time, would make those in the rest of the world much happier. But, apparently, everything's about us. *sigh* As much as I like not having to worry about scheduled downtime (except now, stupid insomnia), I'm not a fan of consistently screwing the rest of the world for my convenience.