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02-19-2011, 09:34 AM
One minor correction, but The Cure does infact have respawns after every gate. The problem is that they glitch a lot and don't activate (respawn point after 2nd rarely procs but does exist, sometimes it only procs for a few members as well, the other points work most of the time).

I would aggree with a HP/resist reduction or reduction in number of Heavy Tacs per group (4+ Heavy Tacs in a single group = wut), normal drones/tacs are fine (although imo should only spawn 1 proto per drone) although I've forgotten if there's a difference between norm and infected. And Elites need that stupid no-dmg time period removed.

Would also like to see something done about crit/flank damage though, especially as a healer who ends up spinning a lot. It's stupid that a single trash borg can end up insta killing you from full shields, and what's worse is multiple borg can use it on you at the same time. In all, I think damage varies too much in STF; there's either practically 0 incoming damage (half the borg glitch and stand around doing nothing/they walk behind something etc) or everyone is constantly dropping to ~50%/dying withing seconds. It's not always a ranged vs melee thing either, in KA/Cure there are a few groups that can drop you before you have time to react yet you will destroy them the next time you engage even if you use the exact same strat.