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# 1 Trill and the Borg
02-19-2011, 10:01 AM
My friend and I have been going back and watching DS9 through Netflix since he has never seen it. And while watching it I noticed something. The Trill are all about the Symbiote, and their entire civilization is based around the Symbiote, they even regard the life of one higher than they do the life of a Trill. I began to notice the reason behind this ideology is the preservation of not so much the Symbiote it's self but the memories stored within, dont get me wrong they almost worship the Symbiote but I dont think they would if the Symbiote didn't preserve their memories. Trill desire the memories of others i.e. the other hosts in order to make themselves better and become someone entirely new, thus enriching the life of the symbiote, host, and society.

This led me to the question: Would Trill be ok with being assimilated? since it would be the ultimate expression of the communal sharing of knowledge and past lives, both gone and freshly added. I guess the Trill society would be super angry to lose a Symbiote in the process of just one joined Trill being assimilated, but would society as a whole welcome the arrival of a cube or two to assimilate their species? I mean after all they said there was alot of Trill that wanted a Symbiote but not enough to go around.