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02-19-2011, 10:22 AM
Originally Posted by thunderchase View Post
This led me to the question: Would Trill be ok with being assimilated?
I think if the Borg are inefficient. When they go to a new planet, they should explain the benefits of being Borg to those people. A small portion of the population will probably elect to go through it, maybe just 0.1%. With a population like Earth's, that'd still be 7 million people. That'd keep em busy for a long time and give them pretty much all of the world knowledge pool. Then they can leave and go do the same to other civilizations out there.

Fighting people just seems to be a waste of resources. They could've had members of every civilization in the galaxy assimilated by now if they just picked up a portion of each. Plus, as shown on Voyager, it's in their best interest to leave some people unassimilated so they can approach problems from a different perspective and develop unique technology. I think it's the queen's fault, she's ticked off about something and taking it out on everyone.