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02-19-2011, 10:58 AM
Originally Posted by Acceleron
To become borg is to become a lifeless machine of what you once were. You may share the memories of countless other races but you would not have any kind of emotion towards them. It is definitely not what a trill would want
perhaps, but the trill government all but said on more than one occasion that they dont give a flip what the populace wants, its all for the preservation of the symbiote and the furtherment of their collective lives. And the Borg are the most fully expressed version of thier ideaology, that I know of anyway.

Becoming emotionless may not be appealing but as far as we know the borg are eternal until killed. I have never seen statistics on a Borg Drone's lifespan so I dont know if it is possible for one to eventually fail or not. But their memories live on long after the individual is dead, as long as there is a collective to sustain it. Thus enriching and enhancing the the collective. It could even be that those past conciousness still contribute to the collective's think tank. Much the same way the Trill society already works, just on a much smaller scale.