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02-19-2011, 12:22 PM
Originally Posted by Ravenstein View Post
The queen is ticked off that hort dumped her for having too many piercings. :p
Typical date:
"You want some popcorn and a movie?"
"I've already processed every movie ever made, and my nutrition is furnished by my built in replication systems."
"Ummm how about a board game? Chess?"
"I have calculated every possible outcome of this game with finite moves. If you go first, you have a single initial move that will ensure your victory, otherwise you will lose."
"Well, it's better than nothing.... pawn to --" "You lost."

-tries a different approach and holds her hand-
"OUCH! Your ... circuit board thing is sharp."
"A drone has shielded skin to prevent such injuries. You would also do well to have a cybernetic regenerator. You would make an excellent drone, hort. The process begins with a minor piercing first."
"Umm, I'm sorry, I already swore my fealty to the empress!" -runs away-
"Curse you, my nemesis empress! Curse you!!!!"