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02-19-2011, 04:55 PM
Originally Posted by Jarnin View Post
I bought a LTS before the game shipped. I even started my character during the early start for people that preordered a LTS. I have 384 days played according to the game.
There was no special pre-start for LTS. We had the same headstart as everyone else that pre-ordered. Your total days played still comes out ahead of release. I don't know if it's accurate, but it looks to me that you purchased your LTS at or just before Headstart (approx. January 30th, 2010). That is also the earliest that you could've created a character that is still live. Anything created during CB/OB was wiped.

Technically speaking, I should have access to the captain's yacht but I don't. I don't feel screwed, I'm wondering why my account isn't showing the proper number of days played.
If you bought your LTS before January 30th, 2010 then you might be missing some days. The most you can possibly have right now is just above 400 if you pruchased your LTS when they first went on sale (somewhere around mid-January, I think). If you think your numbers are wrong, you should contact customer service (I recommend the live support on the Atari Website. Follow this link;

Whoever it was at Cryptic that said that subscription days did not count until after release is wrong. The fact that people have already reached 400 days and are flying around in Captain's Yachts is proof of that.