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02-19-2011, 05:06 PM
In DS9 they seemed to have become pretty good at recreating the transporter accident that originally took Kirk and Spock over there, I would assume they've made good use of that to rebuild their technology. They've got identical twins of pretty much any Starfleet officer they could want, inserting and extracting operatives would be next to trivial.

As for the Enterprise thing, they never did reveal what happens after Hoshi takes over the Defiant and delivers her demands. The ship may have been powerful, but it was also in bad shape and if I remember correctly not all systems were fully functional because equipment had been removed or packed up for removal. It could have been destroyed rather than hand over the Empire to Hoshi. The casualties would have been immense, but it could have been done.

Just for starters, considering the all around more militaristic culture in the mirror universe, Earth likely had a considerable stockpile of nuclear or better weapons. Based on the TOS tech manual's descriptions of a photon torpedo vs. the Enterprise's shields, ~6000 megatons worth of ordinance would be enough to destroy it. The Defiant probably would take less in its condition. Earth could have easily marshalled that during the Cold War, if mirror universe Earth can't get that much firepower downrange I'd be a bit disappointed to be honest.

The ship would have been a huge loss on its own, even without the damage it would do before it went down, but dictators have always gladly destroyed the best parts of their empires rather than give them up.