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02-19-2011, 05:12 PM
Originally Posted by Karth
Thanks man! Glad to have a one stop shop for all my uniforming whims!
You're very welcome, Karth.

Originally Posted by Patrick_McKaby
Originally Posted by Wrelbyrd View Post
I tried making the Federation Mercenary 1 uniform, but the ingame version looks very grey compared to the one on the picture. Did you make the colors darker on the picture?
That is because ingame defaults, on mine anyway to 120% brightness, so the colours here always look a little darker than they do ingame

Its odd, but something you live with after gaming for years.
Yes, Patrick is right. The colors in the Tailor always appear a bit darker than the in-game lighting. The colors chosen, however, are chosen for the way they appear in-game, not in the Tailor screen.

Originally Posted by Tuskin
Originally Posted by Cpt.William2 View Post
You might want to fix the uniforms changed in the recent patch. Such as the DS9/VOY uniform.

Keep up the awesome work Mr. Blackavaar. I'm using the game for a mini Star Trek Episode and I love having perfectly canon uniforms.
If you're referring to them being lighter, I think that is going to be fixed next week, so Blackavaar, you should wait until then to redo the guide.
I agree, Tuskin. The current configuration is a bug and should be fixed soon. I'll hold off for now. Thanks for the heads up though, William. I appreciate it.