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02-19-2011, 05:32 PM
The stripes are part of the markings of a Federation ship, yes, but the point is that they should be customizable to match your ship design. Colors and designs on ships are not a part of any canon, nor are many of the variant parts, nor are any weapons aside from phasers, and so on. If they are going to make these customizable and encourage doing so, then so too should they make the stripes (in color at least). As they are, they are too thick, too bright, and too red, especially in contrast with some of the darker hull choices.

The Defiant class already has the solution implemented. The stripes are not optional, but they are attached to one of the color selections and can be modified to fit seamlessly into what other design selections you may have, including grey to make them meld into your hull if you like (although the golden chevrons will always stay golden). It wouldn't be very hard to implement this with the rest of the ships. Take a look at it in-game.