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Originally Posted by USS Parallax
So in TOS they were at about the same technological level. ENT revealed that they had access to a constitution-class ship like 100 years prior. Basically even with that boost they were still barely able to keep even with the Federation in the normal universe.

Then the Terran Empire falls. We see that the Klingons are about at the same technological place as the normal universe. However, despite being previously basically static in their technological advancements they made a huge leap to still be even in technology with the current Federation. They regrew their power and advanced.

My problem is... how the heck did they manage that? The Terran Empire hasn't been too good with technology in the past. What logic has given them access to basically exactly the same ship classes? Have they had operatives on our side for decades copying our tech? That's the only thing I can think of that would make sense.

I don't see the technologically challenged Terran Empire who's been broken and re-pieced together still being at an even level as the normal Federation. They're pumping out the same classes. Basically the same tech. It's a bit too much suspension of disbelief for me unless they've just been stealing the main universe's technology all this time.
I have a few problems related to the Terran Federation/Empire as it is in STO. First is the technology issue that you mention, although with a different spin. My problem is, how could the Terrans have assembled a strong enough fleet to challenge the Klingon/Cardassian alliance in the three or four decades since winning their freedom? Ok, so they're stealing tech from the prime universe, cheap writing but they've done it before so fine, whatever. But that still doesn't explain how they got the resources to put together a fleet that size, especially since they were starting from scratch after being free of the Alliance. The other thing is, wouldn't the Terrans be more concerned with a strong defensive force *before* expanding into conquest? They were on the raggedy edge when they won their freedom, the Alliance could've steamrolled them easily, so wouldn't the Terrans be worrying about defending their piddly little planets more than conquering the Alliance?

Second, they're evil conquerors again? They're different from the prime universe, sure. They probably don't have a Prime Directive or anything to keep them from taking over primitive planets. Fine. And they're probably p*ssed at the Alliance and have some desire for revenge. Understandable. But come on, going from Smiley's rebellion and all of the anti-oppression stuff to the big bad conquerors just makes no sense. And speaking of Smiley, what the hell is up with his son? Did his schoolmates drag the kid through mud and rocks by his ********s? Smiley was a nice guy who didn't look kindly upon abuse, so what the hell happened turn his son into such a sadistic b*stard?

Originally Posted by Geoduck360
Because its good for the plot?
Nope, because the fans wanted the Mirror Universe involved in STO somehow, regardless of whether it made sense.