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02-19-2011, 09:10 PM

I thought that ONLY the two choices were somewhat limited in scope. If you arrest the man .. you are still violating the prime directive in one since of the word by taking sides .. ?? I did not agree with what I saw in Obelisk ... but the other Remans we questioned seemed to set the stage for a genuine refugee camp. I'm not going to go thermal over this .. or accuse Cryptic of a bad plot. I would have prefered to have told him that Starfleet was in no position to take sides ... BUT we could offer humanitarian aid to refugees in places that we neutral . THEN offer him the opportunity to come back to Strarfleet and put a face on the suffering of his people NOT as a prisioner but rather as a leader genuinly concerned for what was happening. I juswt hope that we still have the options we wnat in the next episode regardless of the acolades or path chosen this time around.

And it may very well be that this time the information we gathred was exactly that ... Now we know what the story line is. BUT we are still unsure what has triggered the chain of events. Some how I suspect another out side force has control of a couple of key charactors and is the real driving force behind this. Who knows .. perhaps we will have the opportunity to offer help to both sides to sit down to the barganing table (so to speak) and work out their differences once we figure out WHO or WHAT is behind this.

(Just a thought)