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Originally Posted by malashenko89 View Post
In all honesty, I'm not entirely sure how I'm supposed to be acting in-character. I mean, I was initially going to go along with the idea that the Remans were just being a bunch of genocidal *******s, but Obisek's references to the Iconians threw me for a loop. I thought no one knew about them except me, a few Starfleet admirals, and the Romulans/Remans who blew up Hobus. Given that the Iconians seem to be literally behind <i>everything</i> in the Federation campaign, I figure that it'd probably be a good idea to find someone who knows just what the hell they're planning and how far they've infiltrated other governments.

But...yeah, leaving Obisek with his thalaron weapons was a bad call on my part. On the other hand, I don't know how I'd get them from him without starting a firefight. I suppose Obisek could've done the classy thing and formally sought asylum with the Federation and voluntarily offered to hand over the weapons. However, since I didn't have a small armada to dissuade the Tal Shiar or the ability to get Obisek's people out of Romulan space post-haste, I don't even think that solution would've worked.

Man, being a starship captain is hard. Maybe I should look into that admin job on Starbase 375 Dad was telling me about...

BTW, is it possible that Obisek's people were the ones doing the grunt work on Hobus, and now the Tal Shiar has decided to shoot the workforce to cover their tracks?
I knew exactly how to react in character

Astarielle was already planning to talk to the Remans. In fact, she was charging out to defend the scoutship from the Romulans. When she heard about the Iconians, she knew Prime Directive or not, she had to get to the bottom of this. The only concern she had was the Thalaron Weapons, but considering how readily the Tal Shiar has been using them, Obisek is the lesser of two evils. Nice guy, actually...

Takurai, meanwhile, understands the plight of the Remans, but there rules to be followed. He's willing to leave the matters of Iconians and Diplomacy to the archeologists and diplomats.

Zypher doesn't give a damn either way. The fight between Remans and Romulans is merely a minor diversion. The Thalaron generator interested her for a few minutes, but she dismissed it. As for the Iconians, she'll let come what comes. She has her own demon to deal with.