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02-20-2011, 07:43 AM
Originally Posted by Enignite View Post
One minor correction, but The Cure does infact have respawns after every gate. The problem is that they glitch a lot and don't activate (respawn point after 2nd rarely procs but does exist, sometimes it only procs for a few members as well, the other points work most of the time).
As I see it, if it's there but mostly non-functional then that's much the same as it not being there. It still remains a major frustration point for many teams I've run with or observed. Unless, of course, the team does it all right first time with minimal or no respawns required. Then they don't notice there's any issue.

Originally Posted by Enignite View Post
Would also like to see something done about crit/flank damage though, especially as a healer who ends up spinning a lot. It's stupid that a single trash borg can end up insta killing you from full shields, and what's worse is multiple borg can use it on you at the same time. In all, I think damage varies too much in STF; there's either practically 0 incoming damage (half the borg glitch and stand around doing nothing/they walk behind something etc) or everyone is constantly dropping to ~50%/dying withing seconds. It's not always a ranged vs melee thing either, in KA/Cure there are a few groups that can drop you before you have time to react yet you will destroy them the next time you engage even if you use the exact same strat.
I've never seen an issue with the flanking damage system. It's fairly easy to counteract that, even as a medic. Teams taking large amounts of flanking damage need someone to point out the flanking mechanic.

That said, if it turns out a lot of other people are finding it annoying (not hard, just annoying) then maybe it is something that needs reviewing with the upcoming ground combat changes?

Personally I'd hate it if we lost flanking. Flanking is the way I have my teams fast-kill those darned elite tacs.