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02-20-2011, 11:59 AM
You First must know artisanal Bread
love bakes fresh uncut and great for toasting wit or wit outta crust trimmed..

Then you take a small tin can maybe a dolphin safe tuna tin empty tin remove top bottom.. [dance]

fooled ya to see if you were paying attention

when you have a tin ..use it for a form.. Eggs and Ham to fit if you french the toast.. you bathe it in
yoke cinnamon ginger sugar. w a vanilla bean in the sugar jar.. you can add raisins.. and stuff

you mcmuffin.. should be done on a griddle or in a cast iron skillet..

For extra almost omelette dice mushroom onion tomato sage rosemary and thyme coupe de ruban

Basil dash of clove... Caramelize swet sweet de onion.. Make Juice fresh on side.. w wheat germ egg shell homeade V8.. w pieaces of trimmed vegie you dotn put in soup stock pot.. w bulion for lunch..

Now you may hibernate.. amd rub you tummy..

Ta Da .i forgot the cheese! sure why not..

Poor Tasty iss like play dough so gummy you can use it for flour paste glue..