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02-20-2011, 02:09 PM
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Found another picture, though it lacks the hair.

I seriously hate ex-astris-scientia () just did a quick Google for the character and didn't notice it was from there. (again, ).
If you use firefox, get the imgur plug in and you can simply right click on a picture and simply re-host it, elsewhere.



The reason they don't allow hotlinking is that click throughs on the images sends the traffic through their site. So if an image gets posted here in a popular thread, by a popular person, they might get thousands of click throughs to that image or images. If the image is close to 1mb, that could be several gigs of traffic on their site and it might impact their server. Being that star trek images could be considered a very popular search, that could be a bad thing. Re-hosting it is nicer as it doesn't hurt their servers.