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02-20-2011, 06:17 PM
Originally Posted by ImpactOfRedemption View Post
The only problem I have with it is you cant solo it or do it wtih 2 ppl.. I have a fleet but they dont do **** together... I spent 2 days trying to do The Cure and Infected but no one will do it or ill find 1-2 ppl who want to but it takes to long to find a group and they log off.. Cryptic needs to seriousely rethink how they do things... as it is now its seriousely flawed.
Somewhat different topic...

STF difficulty levels are in the process of being implmented. The first part of this involves making changes to the existing spawn groups so they play nice with the difficulty level tech. These changes -may- result in subtle variation in difficulty of trash mobs.

STFs were never designed as solo content, and I don't think they should be converted into such. They are being changed so the easier difficulties do not require a full team - the lowest difficulty should be easily completable with 3 people, not 5.

However, the difficulty changes are a big job and not something that will happen overnight. In addition, Gozer has a whole lot on his plate as is with other stuff, like Feature Episodes, so this will further delay STF attention.

I'd be happy if we had the STF variable-difficulty stuff by Season 4, but I think Season 5 is more realistic.