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02-21-2011, 12:29 AM
Originally Posted by Highbone
Oh, then you posted this in the wrong forum... This is a foundry forum, and my opinions are based as such.
Well my ideas were based with the foundry mechanics, you'd need the ability to change things like that even if it were for ingame use instead of making a foundry mission, they kinda lend themselves to each other in that way.

Bringing editing techniques from the foundry to use say on your own starship would be cool, then you could design it ground up and make it unique.

I could see it starting off as a foundry add-on, but my initial idea to spread it into the design of your own ship would be cool if Cryptic could add say a new npc at ESD so you can edit the interior design of your ship.

The only reason I posted it here was that the elements in the foundry could make this work in a mission you were designing, so naturally crossing over to add the same editing tools via an npc to use on your own ship is the idea I was striving for, sorry if I didn't explain it properly.