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02-21-2011, 01:47 AM
Originally Posted by NeilCell
The action in the STFs seem so rushed and frantic that I don't have time to understand the character motivations and the story before the next swarm clobbers the team.
¿what that have to be with anything? I read every single NPC dialog of this game ¿and?...
A final Boss should be more easy to kill than a simple trash boss (Armek gets kill faster than a Elite). I am sorry to said, but we cant get the difficulty of this game to your level beacose you want to take things slow..
I said again, i have no problem with the Trash nerf, but Boss should stay the same.

Originally Posted by phunkmaster3k
Just finished the cure and can confirm, Armek is now a joke. He took less time to kill than most drones. Looks like all the QQ paid off. Come get your free borg gear. Now there are no PvE challenges in the game.

And that’s the problem, Armek its more easy to kill than a Elite Drone now! And i agree with you, there is no PVE challenge in this game right now.

I remember that Gozzer said that the trash was going to get nerf, but not the puzzles and the Boss, so ¿this is maybe a bug? I hope so…