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02-21-2011, 02:23 AM
Originally Posted by NeilCell View Post
I disagree with most of these posts. I am much happier that the enemies were nerfed some what.

When my team with three very experienced players got to Amek in "The Cure", our tanking character got creamed with one or two shots from the boss. It was almost by chance that we got him away from his minions. It was at that point that we unloaded on him with everything. When we finally got him down to the point where he creates personal shield walls, almost all of us had to melee with him since we could not get a good angle to fire on him either from above, or between those shield walls.

If it is indeed being changed for different difficulty levels, then those who want a challenge should play on the highest levels annd not complain about how easy the lower difficulty levels are. Just because one person finds constantly being KOed interesting doesn't mean everyone does. I like taking things slow and reading everything the NPCs have to say. The action in the STFs seem so rushed and frantic that I don't have time to understand the character motivations and the story before the next swarm clobbers the team.
Your team might be very experienced players, but youre obviously inexperienced at STFs if:

1: Your tanking character isnt meleeing him

2: If youre not using either the devidian weapon *or* dragging him so you can shoot from the cliffside

This have been posted a billion times, there have been more than a few video walkthroughs, there have been tons and tons and tons of advice posted on these boards..