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02-21-2011, 01:58 PM
You're looking at midmarket rates, not what your bank (or Cryptic's in this case) charges them for the currency. Banks are not legally required to sell currency at the midmarket rate. Assuming Cryptic uses Bank of America (they may not), they would pay $243.09 + a 3-6% conversion fee.

Cryptic can charge whatever it bloody well likes for its products. There is no legal requirement that they charge the same price for the same product in all countries. If they want to make the Canadian subscription $308, they have every right to do that. No Attorney General will stop them from doing business because they choose to charge more for their product in another country.
Next time you decide to say something like this, ask a lawyer first. I did. She was very specific about it being unlawful for any company to gouge exchange rates like that. They can't 'charge whatever they want' as you put it. Notice that any major company you can name does not do so. Why? because they don't want to get in legal trouble from their customers. and the be clear, they are not 'charging more for their product in another country' they are in fact, 'applying a different exchange rate for a service being purchased in the US' there is a difference. In short, no company is allowed to make up any exchange rate they want. That is why the exchange rate for currencies is federally regulated. ask the Princes store that got nailed for this back in the late 90s in the US. Ironically they were offering a few cents more than the federal level. Not sure why anyone would have complained about that but then again people do weird things.

Personally I don't care as I will not be buying a lifetime account. It is not worth my time to bother filing a complaint about that. Though I am curious as to why cryptic charged $9 on my card without authorization and added several extra days to my sub after doing so. Thats a big no no. Theres also the matter of charging $1 every time I renew my sub without explanation or a statement saying it is being done.

Anyways this is getting off topic so i'll stop there.

and PS: and cryptic, if you want people to buy lifetime accounts, actually do something to to the game to make it worth buying one. theres not enough to come close as it is now.