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02-21-2011, 04:40 PM
Originally Posted by Bohort View Post
if it was that i dont think he'd of mentioned anything. unless he's 12
Originally Posted by Moxie3000
I've been trying since last night to pick up the LTS, but I keep getting an error.

"We are unable to process your order temporarily. Please try again. Sorry for the inconvenience."

Anybody else see this? I've already logged a ticket,but am getting somewhat antsy because the deadline for the offer is looming.

If this is a global problem and not just one with my account, I hope Cryptic will extend the sale to allow us last-minute folks a chance to purchase.
and the other post of his you quoted:

Originally Posted by Moxie3000
I'm still arguing with Customer so-called Service about this.
They had the gall to copy and paste their "I'm sorry, your card was declined, please try the purchase again" script on me TWICE.

I'm extremely frustrated. Once upon a time, you could CALL Cryptic directly and talk to someone that was usually helpful. I had great luck back in the nightmare days when STO first launched and we had all sorts of account confusion. Now we get to "chat" with someone that doesn't have the power to actually do anything and then forwarded off to some online ticket system that, at least in my case, seems intent on blowing me off or seems to be manned by robots.

Cryptic, we want your customer service back!!!!!!
Where Cryptic's respomse was:

I'm sorry, your card was declined, please try the purchase again"
IE - the were unable to process it becaise the card was declined (and many e-transaction sites won't give the "sorry your card was declined" - they'll give the "there was an error" and when you inquire will then give the reason to you personally (Sorry sir, the bank declined the transaction on the credit card submitted); and go from there.

From the posts - it looks like his financial institution declined his card.