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02-21-2011, 06:23 PM
Originally Posted by tranceaddict View Post
Yeah, that happens. The reason is because when you zone the system looks back to your preferences file and loads those settings. I've just made it a habit to hit F5 every time I zone no matter what .. be it zoning to Eta Eridani or PvP or Kerrat. Just hit it every time.

Guess I should annotate that in the guide.

And that would probably require delving into files in the Live folder that are best left alone by us amateurs. (I know enough to get into trouble ... just not enough to get back out.)
One other question if anyone can answer this: In Champions Online you can save the hud positions (it's a button in options) there is no equivalent button on STO. Any one know if this feature is in STO? And if so, is there a /command or a file I can transfer between characters?