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02-21-2011, 08:53 PM
Originally Posted by TheFreyMan View Post
I'm sorry, I don't believe you talked to a lawyer, because if you did he / she would have told you your wrong. Not trying to be argumentative, but that's a fact - it's got nothing to do with "exchange rates", it's got everything to do with Cryptics decision on how much they wish to price the product in different geographical regions.

Done all the time, not only with hard goods and merchandise but with services too.

Now on topic - if you do the math, a lifetime sub becomes a positive gain upon about the 16 month , if your paying monthly.

That's coming up quite soon for me , and that's the advantage of showing your support and taking advantage of the game - like any investment there's some risk but if enough people decide to take that risk then it becomes no longer a risk, but a positive.

With the reviews, awards won, and content being delivered in the manner it has been, STO will be here for a long time. It's only to your advantage to consider the reduced price of the lifetime.
Yep..., It's kinda like when ya look on the back of Books, Calendars and Cards....

...around here (NY) there's a USA Price and a Canadian Price... ummm.... the Kanook price is always a dollar higher, or more...

I'm not really sure how ya got that ATARI/CRYPTIC was basing their prices on an exchange rate though...

They would just charge a given price for their product... it would be your bank or the credit card company that would be figuring out the differences in the currency rates.... and applying those rates to your Interest/Fees that they charge to your account.

The last time I had a problem with my card online, it was because I forgot that when the card expired and I got the new card, the three digit number on the back had changed.