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# 1 Trolling and you
02-22-2011, 09:52 AM
I won't sticky this for long, but I DO hope some of you will take to heart what I need to post here this morning.

We have currently a few posters who break the rules by attacking other posters breaking the rules or toeing the line. You guys, you MUST stop that.

If you see someone post and it:
  • Makes you angry
  • Makes you feel upset
  • Makes you think unpleasant things
  • Makes you think: HE IS BREAKING THE RULES,
  • Makes you hit reply and actually frown or giggle with glee while typing
...chances are you have happened upon a successful troll.

And I do mean the verb troll here, not the noun.
See, to troll means fishing for something. Either with just a fishing rod on a boat or even with a whole net dragged behind a boat. The idea is to throw some bait out and wait for nibbles and bites.
The moment you nibble or bite, the trolling was a success.
In other words: You lost the game.

If you see something that upsets or offends you: Hit the report button.
That gives it to the moderation team. We'll check what is happening in the thread and we'll take action if needed. We will not discuss with you what precisely happens, but we will check each reported posting.
Do not reply.
Do not quote.
Report and move on.

Report, you say? What witch craft is this?
Easy: You will see, if you logged in, that next to each poster in their posting is a small triangle with a red rim and a red ! inside. Using that opens a report window. You can even enter there why you reported it, such as "This guy is talking about Blah, which is just wrong" - and the mods will get this message.

Trolling back, flaming, being rude - all of these will just lead to YOU getting an infraction. And we do not care "who started it". You guys are all mature enough to know that excuse stopped working a couple of years ago as you all grew up.