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02-22-2011, 09:10 AM
Moderation does not automatically equal to bans. That's something that simply needs to be understood as well.
Moderation can also mean: A staffer reads. A staffer checks the rest of the thread and posting history involved. A staffer takes NO action. Moderation means we will check. Not we will ban because someone said $*#!?. I know that a lot of forum goers think the only way to moderate is to ban every tiny offence... but you'd be amazed how empty the forums where if we did. ^^

I'd not mind if the Moderation Staff had more time to read the threads and get information out of them for the Developers to check out... because the more we/they have to check in to moderation, the less time we/they have to deliver feedback. I think the tradeoff would be a nice one, no?