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02-22-2011, 09:28 AM
It depends, Tricksterbro.
For example: Warnings do not give points. EVER. A warning is that: A warning. It will not give any points. And sometimes instead of giving an infraction, a moderator may choose to give a warning. Especially if the issue was minor, was a first offence and so on.
Sometimes we also just edit a posting without giving a warning OR infraction - for example if you quoted something we removed from another poster.

Now, after 5 1-point infractions in a row, yes, you'll get a five day suspension. Automatically... but not always. There are some exceptions in the system and some users have not been banned until their 9th point.

What will ALWAYS get you a forum break are solid 5, 10 or even 20 point infractions.
In which case: You had 2 1-point infractions. You now get a 5-point. The 5-point trumps and suspends you (or bans, if you had 19 points and now get a 5-point).

Which is why "keeping book" isn't exactly something you can do for anyone else except yourself. You can always see your own infraction points. But you cannot see anyone else's.