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02-22-2011, 10:04 AM
Originally Posted by HeathenStorm View Post
Just amended that for truthiness.

Regardless of whether you feel a Lifetime sub is worth bothering about, it's still a substantial financial investment.
A hour with a lawyer (with a consultation fee) especially on something lie this (ie a small claims issue to be sure); would probably cost you as much as the LTS. Civil lawyers work two ways - By the hour (which you pay for and yes some corporations pay a monthy retainer fee instead of hourly); or by percentage (ie if you win, the firm takes a percentage of the award as payment.)

Now, on something like this, most laywers won't even take teh call or tell you you're better off trying a small claims case yourself. IF you do get a lawyer to talk to you, I can guarentee he charge you bu the hour (that can average between $250 - $500 per for a decent lawyer - with maybe a $50 - $100 consultation fee if they're nice about it.)

So, yes, by all means engage a laywer over a $320.00 issue. (FYI - This is why peopel and small business try to avoid any lawsuit as, even if you've done nothing wrong it costs major money to either persue a claim, or defend against one.)