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02-22-2011, 11:11 AM
I've not attempted it in a Type 8 shuttle yet, but using the Danube-class runabout as both a tac and a sci and found it relatively easy. Remember to stock your shuttle with good equipment before you set off (you can borrow some from your regular ship) and make use of your captain's space abilties (although as a new player you may not have many). The Type 8 has no Bridge Officer slots (the Danube has 1) so you'll have to rely on your captain's abilties. You also have one device slot, use it to hold shield or weapons batteries and use those as required.

The trick with Romulan ships is to beware of the high yield plasma torpedo. If you can keep some distance, you can switch targets and shoot it down before it reaches you. That should help.

Hope this helps. If all else fails you can ask someone to team with you and do the mission together.