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02-22-2011, 10:40 AM
Well, I know I am guilty of engaging the trolls more than I should. Its actually really frustrating when they derail a very good thread with their shenanigans, especially since a lot of the time its hours before a report is processed.

I think there needs to be a little more effort to track problem users. I don't mean people who are simply "critical" or even highly negative in their opinions of the game. Those people we can debate properly.

I specifically mean the people who come into any positive thread and dump on it, or come into a thread with a legitimate complaint and start mocking "fanboys" or Cryptic or whatever.

I've noticed those reports don't seem to be followed up on, and that for an edit to occur they need to actually directly harass someone who use foul language or something.

There is a point when someone is so unhappy they really harm the forums, and they do so without directly "breaking" the rules.