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02-22-2011, 10:43 AM
Originally Posted by Kobayashi Maru
Using the steps you provided, I see no information on infractions whatsoever on my profile. I've never been contacted for a forum admin as well. Should I take this to mean I have no infractions / warnings?

In other words, how will I know if I acquired an infraction?
It's possible to have a post edited without receiving an infraction.

It's also possible to receive an infraction without any penalty points.

When you get an infraction, you'll receive a Private Message that tells you the wheres and whys, along with the number of points you've received.

You can always check your Infractions by clicking 'MY ACCOUNT' on the grey bar just under the thread title. These will be listed under the 'New Subscribed Threads' panel. Most of them will never expire.

Hmm... Does this technically count as 'discussing moderation'? And if so, is this thread a honeypot for removing undesirables?