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02-22-2011, 10:43 AM
Originally Posted by InvisiblePerson
... any chance you're working on the Ferengi suit from Mine Enemy? Also a good color choice for Ferengi tattoo as it appears in the series would be nice.

The ones on the show seems to be a located a little higher and greener than the one shown in Mine Enemy.
Yes, I have been working on that outfit. I've got a match on everything except the pants. The color on those is deceptively difficult to match. I'll get it though. Planning to play through Mine Enemy again tonight.

And I plan to add a Details Guide that would include things like Ferengi Tattoos and Headdresses, Bajoran Earrings, Visors and such.

Originally Posted by Intrepidox View Post
hey black;

you have the yoke part of the TNG movie uniform a bit too 'blue', it's more grey than blue

There are limited choices available on the pallet. The color chosen is the closest match with in-game (not the Tailor screen) lighting.

Originally Posted by InvisiblePerson
Originally Posted by PerRock View Post
I'm not about to read thry 62 pages to find this out... Since Cryptic has been adjusting the TNG/VOY/MOV uniforms are your color codes correct to the latest version of these?

You literally only have to go back 1 page to find that out.

"I agree, Tuskin. The current configuration is a bug and should be fixed soon. I'll hold off for now. Thanks for the heads up though, William. I appreciate it."
Invis is right. The DS9 and TNG Film Uniforms are far too light now and will hopefully be fixed very soon. So, I am not recoloring those yet.

But so you know, I did check out the new badges and the other uniforms. The colors for the other uniforms appear to remain the same, but the badges may need to be checked, especially the new versions of the TNG and TNG Film badges. The previously chosen colors appear too dark.

The new WoK badge looks to be colored appropriately still though. It just looks much cleaner now.
Now if they could just fix that WoK Belt Buckle I could redo the images for those guides.