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02-22-2011, 11:17 AM
Originally Posted by HeathenStorm View Post
Hmm... Does this technically count as 'discussing moderation'?
Since we're talking in general, no, this does not count. If I had written "Now, take me as an example, Rekhan gave me a 1-point infraction for trolling, which was also totally undeserved..." <- we'd have a problem. *hopes everyone will keep on not commenting on their infractions, because else she will have to be mean and smack people* If you get an infraction, you'll also be told in your PM to not PM the moderators about it but instead open a Community Ticket. If you, say, then try to PM me, you'll get an automated reply in German and English again asking you to submit a Community Ticket.

Tiberion1701: Ignoring them empowers you.
So what if they made a bad posting? Report it, ignore it, move on. Talk about what you wanted to talk about. If folks would do THAT instead of replying (or, worse, QUOTING and replying) the thread would not even be derailed and the fishing attempt be burried.

Not only that, but trying to give payback will increase the chances of getting smacked instead of the poster who attempted to troll. And "I was only defending you guys", while nice and all, still breaks the rules.