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02-22-2011, 01:33 PM
Originally Posted by WishStone
I've gone ahead and deleted a few posts here (yes, harsh). I want this thread to stay´on-topic without it being the next chatter-centre.
That's another reason I suggested the lock in addition to sticky. Most threads invariably stray long from their intended target because x person introduces y tangent. Unfortunately, the more people that comment, the more tangents appear and further away from the original intent the thread gets.

It's not a perfect solution, I truly understand that. On the other hand, frequently discussed issues within a forum certainly should be stickied. And, from all appearances, this is one of them. In 6 days, or a month, or x undefined period of time, without the sticky, you'll have to post it all over again. Or necro this thread in order to remind folks. Unfortunately, that wouldn't work either.

In this particular case, you've got a Kobayashi Maru. You're not going to win no matter what you do. The solution here is in making the best of an impossible scenario and hoping most folks understand your intentions.