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02-22-2011, 02:18 PM
Hiya WishStone, et al!

Thanks for posting this. I've noticed a bit too much... ahem... bad etiquette... myself lately. I fear The.Grand.Nagus may be right (again/as usual ) about the following rules Catch-22 of this post, but it can only help.

Seriously, and with all due respect, why doesn't Cryptic tell when Joe Troll gets infracted/banned? Or have each user's infraction record visible on their public profile (including date(s)). Sort of like in Ye Olde Days offenders would be put on public display in the stocks for Public Humiliation. Wouldn't this set an example of This Behavior == Bad?

Please mind that STO is my first MMO and these forums are my first MMO Game Forum, really they're my first forum that I've frequented so, uh... frequently... So I'm ignorant to the potential pitfalls of such a policy, but... well... uhm, what's the negative to that sort of thing? I'm curious about that...