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# 1 Frozen: The naked truth
02-22-2011, 02:23 PM
I'm a big fan of the features series. Including the current one. But...

Frozen should DEFINATELY have gone through another round of testing. I was convinced of this after trying it on Elite setting.... This is not an issue of "I'm doing it wrong" as you will soon see.... It's simply the issue of NPC damage scaling horribly off the scale! Not slightly or somewhat, but HORRIBLY!

"Tal Shiar General deals 3464 (3922) Disruptor Damage to you with Auto-Targeting Beam."
You may notice this is an AoE attack, wiping the entire team...

"Tal Shiar General deals 1100 (2140) Disruptor Damage to you with Disruptor High Density Beam."
Single target, but still an easy one-shot...

"Tal Shiar General's officer Plasma Grenade deals 765 (1884) Kinetic Damage to you with Plasma Grenade III Applied."
Notice that this is the force of the grenade hitting me, not the plasma damage! After this is burns for 88hp per second.

Trying to run this mission on Elite failede, and led to my first ragequit in months. Tomorrow when i log back on I have a stupid mess to clean up

In addition to this, I would have liked all team-members to get the small dialogue boxes, not just the first to enter the room.

Also, awsome as they are, I would like the option to Esc past the cutscenes like we could in the last episode. I absolutely LOVE them, but when running my 8th toon through the mission it becoms annoying...