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02-22-2011, 03:39 PM
Originally Posted by Khairon_Gethion View Post
Hey Trance,
You cuaght me in Pi Canus tonight in a DSE and walked me through the keybinds. Words can not express how much you improved my game lol.

Cheers m8, and Thanks

Now to set these up for my Tac, Eng and Klinck BoP..........
Pleasure. Happy to help. Nice flying with you; I forget how fun those DSE can be at the lower levels.

Originally Posted by Protector View Post
One other question if anyone can answer this: In Champions Online you can save the hud positions (it's a button in options) there is no equivalent button on STO. Any one know if this feature is in STO? And if so, is there a /command or a file I can transfer between characters?

Nope. There is no HUD preferences in STO. The only thing you can do with the HUD is use the "Rearrange HUD" (green squares ... ick) from the main menu or '/GenJailUnlock <bin>' (<bin>=0/1). GenJailUnlock will unlock the HUD element positions so you can move them around and actually see where overlap occurs. Make sure you /GenJailUnlock 0 to lock the elements down or you won't be able to do anything.