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02-22-2011, 03:34 PM
Originally Posted by Inquizitor View Post
What are we supposed to be doing here if talking about these issues on the forum is considered trolling?
Not trolling. Talking about CS on the forums is not okay for other reasons.
You would force us to lay out in the open what happened. And since you are a customer, we will not do that - and in turn expect you not to do it as you'd force us to either break our rules or let other customers get false information.

If you wonder about an infraction given - send a community ticket. The Community Team will review the situation. If you wonder about a GM issue, send a GM ticket and ask once more if something was missed.

Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
How do I handle such behavior? It's offensive, it lessens the enjoyment of the game, and it seems to come from the same streak as forum trolling.
Is the GM Ticket my only recouse? Can the process be made more easy in some way, by having a "Report User" option where the appropriate GM ticket with the name pre-filled pops up?
GM Tickets are the way to go. IF there was a rule about behaviour broken, the GMs will take care of things.

See it also as something else: A buffer.
You hand off your anger in the ticket. Send it out with your ticket (but please don't flame the poor GMs, they cannot help you if you abuse them) and then move on. If people want to claim you hax0red XX on their interwebs - well, you now know that your PvP tactic worked PERFECTLY. And since they will not listen to how you defeated them, it will only take them so much longer to understand how to defend themselves against you.

Originally Posted by spartan844
The next steps should be to help reform trolls into respectable posters.
Each warning we give is an attempt at doing so.
If a mod sends out a warning it usually directs the poster to the forum's rules. Many of these rules should be straight-forward: Don't be mean, respect other posters, don't post things you'd not want to tell your little niece and so on. SOME rules are special and may not be an immediate "Oh I see" for anyone new to online forums: Discussing Disciplinary Actions; Illegal Drugs and Other Illegal Activities ; Creating Duplicate Threads... and because of that, we make sure the rules are visible for everyone to find. And if someone missed them we'll point them out once more.