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02-22-2011, 04:04 PM
Creating Duplicate Threads...
This is a rule that has often baffled me. Especially when paired with the Thread Necromancy rules. I've sometimes seen People be nagged about creating duplicate threads but these same people are being nagged about posting in an old thread. Where is the line on that?

This isn't specific to this forum It is just these rules tend to pop up on every forum.

EDIT: I wanted to clarify a bit. Usually this manifests itself as a person new to the forum or someone who hasn't been on for a while. They will come in and get curious about something. The post a question or an idea and immediately get told that it is a dead horse or that they should use the search function before posting. Due to the nature of the search function someone that does use it first might find an old thread and not immediately realize or even know that the information is outdated. Again they are immediately hounded for necroing or bringing up a dead horse.

Is hounding a poster about using the search function or bringing up a topic that has been discussed before considered trolling? It isn't really helpful or even relevant to the original posters thread.