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02-22-2011, 04:39 PM
Originally Posted by Inquizitor View Post
This is a rule that has often baffled me. Especially when paired with the Thread Necromancy rules. I've sometimes seen People be nagged about creating duplicate threads but these same people are being nagged about posting in an old thread. Where is the line on that?
If we sit back and use our noggins a bit.... this is not baffling at all. Whats baffling is that I've had to explain it twice now. You guys read into the rules too much and think that the mods have no common sense...this then causes posters to make decisions lacking in common sense. The mods are regular people like the rest of us, they are not mindless automatons that follow strict programming language "If statements" based on the exact wording of the rules.

A. Your gonna get nailed for opening new threads on topics that were
1. Closed by a mod, common guys they were closed for a reason...
2. Repeatedly opening threads about sore subjects...

B. Your gonna get nailed for bringing up necro'd topics if they are clearly out of date due to mechanics changing or they are a year old. Plain and simple... Posting in a thread titled: "RSP is overpowered" should get you an infraction.. It got nerfed, so its not overpowered anymore. There is nothing of value to add, it's an old argument that raged months ago... its over.

If you have new comments about a different facet of the power that are useful to the community or the development team then a new thread would be ideal, one with supporting thoughts that doesn't insult Cryptic inside the first three sentences.

Guide to not getting infractions:
A. Don't be a jerk to others.... surprisingly difficult for some. (Kind of hard for me atm)
B. When you create a new thread or bring up an old topic that is not quite necro'ed.... having something like... Cryptic, DStahl, CS, StormShade <insert negative comment here> is probably not a good idea... like the post above this one....
C. IMPORTANT: If you make a new thread because the old one is questionably necro'ed...
1. Reference it, make it clear that you know it exists and that you feel it's necro'ed
2. State if you feel it is still relevant or not so others will know if the situation has changed or if they should read it as well. This will let others know that you have put some thought into it and your not out to be a pain in the bottom.

That's it! Simple right?