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02-22-2011, 05:41 PM
jpb531 : EXCELLENT points, thank you.

The idea behind disallowing thread necromancy is a relatively simple one:
STO is a very fast developing MMO. We change stuff around A LOT and our Dev team is pushing patches, fixes and publishes at a very high rate.

Say you started a thread when the Del Taco shuttle came out and said: "Hey, can we please have some other shuttles, or even make our own?". At the time this happened, it would have been a REALLY hot topic (and we indeed had a few such threads) and the discussion would have been raging. It would also have the most up-to-date info, including perhaps a Dev posting: "We'll see what we can do, but right now, we don't plan this."
Now, that thread long-since died, we have new info in the game and stuff is going neatly.

Someone comes and bumps it with a comment such as "Oooh, it would be SO COOL if we could craft vulcan shuttles, too!" - in that old thread.
Someone who may not have been reading it well will think: Oh, interesting, let me read some other stuff... and get terribly outdated info. Perhaps even carry it elsewhere, to their fleet or friends; other MMO sites and so on.

Because of this, we do not allow thread necroing. If the topic is old (and OLD means older than a couple of weeks); chances are that a new thread is the better way to go. It keeps the forums readable and filled with up-to-date info as well as reduces spam.
(Sadly, many necro threads recently didn't even discuss the thread and where "me too"-type postings.)

Edith for Sharkforce:
I won't be going into any details of what may or may not have been your experience. I will only state this in general, as that is the only comment I can make without breaking the forum's rules. I've been a GM for many years before joining Cryptic. There are reasons why GMs will not discuss the rules with you.
Discussing the rules will only lead to running in circles. The GM will state one thing, the customer will try to find a loophole. And believe me, player WILL argue for an hour to find a loophole if you let them.
GM: You are being removed from the game servers for Leetexploithax.
GM: We have observed you for 10 minutes doing the Leetexploithax.
Player: What? That wasn't me? That was my brother, I was away from the PC to grab some Doritos!
GM: We attempted to speak to you and find out about why you Leetexploithax. You did not respond.
GM: I am sorry, but we must remove you from the server now.
Player: Look, mate, I never did Leetexploithax. You can trust me!
GM: But we have proof of you doing it in our internal logs.
Player: You have NO SUCH THING, Leetexploithax are also not traceable and you are going to be un HUGE trouble if you do this....
And so on. Which is why GMs in the MMOs I worked in only gave you a few lines, keeping it short and to the point. No GM will infraction you without a supervisor being consulted. Indeed, in cases where a GM has to suspend you, a supervisor often must observe the matter with the GM before any action is taken.