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02-22-2011, 08:14 PM
It is easy to put people in a box, with a label, and stow the whole thing away.

But a forum consisting only of boyscouts, is a forum incapable of conveying a dynamic response that reflects a genuine reaction covering a wide range of the population. You end up seeing only what is desirable.

Trolling sometimes represents no more than fast writing bypassing the element of critical thinking, while the important consideration of respect unto others might have been forgotten in the heat of the moment. Not a trifle matter by all means! And vigilance is needed as always!

What follows is that negative tendencies put you in that aforementioned box, sometimes you look at someone in that special light forever, and there is no escape. This can easily affect further reactions and reports, where does the personal negative behavior end, and the bad reputation inspiring further actions begin? Sometimes you end up in a border region, and that's where doubt should be allowed to operate, at least until further episodes can be confirmed.

The system should allow for a little bit of human instability, although not allow for constant harassment or perpetual destructive tendencies, or a systematic failure to respect other individuals. But *if * the system should prove utterly rigid in it's mathematical progression, it might be given a label of it's own: automatically unforgiving.