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02-22-2011, 08:50 PM
Dang, i'm on the forums every day, & I've never even gotten a warning, much less an infraction, am i doing something wrong?
A perpetual infraction seems kinda harsh IMHO, Although if I had to read through all the BS the Mods have to, I'd probably be a little harsh myself. & from what I have seen, most of the posters who've been banned clearly earned it.It's not like a Mod will swing the banhammer on you just because you're very angry when you post something once.
I had a CS issue & posted something after about 5 shots of tequila that I never would have posted sober, & when I woke up the next AM I edited it myself because I felt like a fool. kinda toned it down a bit.
I'm glad that post never got reported