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02-22-2011, 09:21 PM
Originally Posted by Sekrit_Agent
Agreed with above poster.

Personally, I find Stormshade's point of view needlessly harsh and bordering on draconian. I can appreciate the perspective as a moderator but come on, even RL courts will expunge a record after a period of keeping your nose clean without the threat of being jailed forever if you reoffend later.

But you have the power to choose what you want to do up until you hit the limit. "Improve" your posts, delete them, or just dial back your participation period. And if you're really cheesed off, do what dstahl suggests and vote with your subscription.
Yeah, no there is nothing draconian about his position.

As a fairly regular poster and a lifer since beta I haven't received an infraction, warning, or had a post edited as far as I know. Its not difficult it only takes some self control and If you don't have that then you shouldn't be posting.

I think his stance has merit, you shouldn't need to be told more then once what is within the rules and what is not. If you continue to break the rules then you are punished, don't break the rules and you won't get infactions/banning.