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02-22-2011, 09:43 PM
Originally Posted by StormShade
If you have a complaint about an interaction you've had with CS, there are steps you can take to voice those complaints. Up to and including PMing me. Please do not go into details on the forums however. In the end, no one (neither you, nor us at Cryptic/Atari) end up benefiting from such conversations.

These conversations were started in private, and to protect your privacy, we need to keep them that way. If we didn't care about your privacy, we may very well have a section of the forums called, "Why did I get banned?" Other companies have this, and I can't say that it makes either party look great.

I made the call to have infractions become permanent, and I don't think anyone will ever be able to change my mind regarding this. We're an MMO, we're going to be here for a long time, and we want you to be here as well.

However, having 3 days a year where you feel you can't be responsible for your own actions on the internet doesn't fly for me. I work on the internet, and I have to be responsible for what I do on the internet every day of the year. We are all humans here, and most of us are adults. This means that we are always responsible for our actions. On the internet, or off. My suggestion to you, if you're having a day when you don't feel you can be responsible for your own actions on the internet, either stay off the STO forums, or stay off the internet.

We all get in moods. We're also adults and can learn to identify when posting something is going to get us into trouble. Your actions on these forums have a lasting effect, and as long as I'm running these forums, this will always be the case.


I appreciate the alternatives, in the future if my experience is less than satisfactory I will send you a PM. Thank you for the option. I understand that you folks do not want bad experiences grieved in a public forum for a variety of reasons, but in all honesty I have not seen much alternative/information aside from now Pming you. (customer service escalation/ unsatisfactory service). I would be more open to a PM, because it would make me feel better and actual person would look at my issue, then what feels to be the deep dark GM ticket queue.

Thank you for your feedback!