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02-23-2011, 02:30 AM
Originally Posted by Sekrit_Agent
...or just dial back your participation period.
This is exactly what I did.

Every time I am confronted with a topic I weigh the value of the topic (on a personal level ie. how passionate I am about it), and the value of what I want to contribute, against my hypothetical value of an infraction. Taking into account the trending pattern of individual responses to the topic as well as the quantity of responses to the topic. Long story short, I very rarely post and often if I post anything more than one line it will be of the complete opposite opinion of everyone else in the topic. If it is the latter, one of two things will happen.


1. I'll get flamed until my monitor catches fire. :p


2. Other people who disagreed with the original trend will begin posting.

Many times if I want to post an original topic I'll be extremely brief. I may follow-up with numerous long responses once a discourse has begun but my initial post will attempt to provide nothing other than the facts and pose a question. Thus, allowing people to discuss. Of course, there are some people who will only bother to read the original post and provide a one word answer, that is their choice.

Exceptions include:

Topics unrelated to game development.

Bug reporting. If I'm on Tribble and I see a bug I'll drop by the forums and if it hasn't already been reported I'll make a post. Or, if it has I'll elaborate on any information I can.

Tl : Dr

Every time I post I'm willing to take the risk of getting an infraction.