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02-23-2011, 02:53 PM
Originally Posted by spartan844
What about adding a button that would scan a post for anything that might be considered breaking the forum rules? sort of like the preview changes button, only it highlights things that might lead to infractions.
Other than a word filter, which are useless because people get around them a11 teh tlme, this is simply unpossible.

The vast majority of the forum rules are subjective and contextual.

For example: someone posts, "We're going after Rebecca Simons later today." I do not quote them, I simply reply; "Good. I hope she dies." No problem right?

Second example someone posts, "I can't make it to the STF tonight guys. My grandma is really sick and I'm going to the hospital to visit her." Once I again I do not quote them I simply reply, "Good. I hope she dies."

How is the forum software going to tell if one post is ok and the other isn't?

Unpossible says I.