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02-23-2011, 07:52 PM
Originally Posted by Peregrine_Falcon View Post
I don't believe that I, or anyone else, ever said that forum moderation only equals bans.

However, according to your system it only takes 5 infraction points to receive the first temporary ban. So it does make one wonder why some people have had their posts edited by the moderation staff literally dozens of times, without ever receiving so much as a temporary ban.

Yes, I can keep track too.

Anyway, I believe that I've made my point and won't belabor it further.
Heh and you know what happens when you ban people here? They goto ESD.

And boy, do they whine. I know, I know, I should hit the "ignore" button. But... everyone would have to at the same time. because then people start asking questions, the conversation gets turned and its impossible to avoid, it really is.

Two days ago on ESD a fellow declared he was banned from the forums last summer "merely" because he pointed out cryptic was baiting and switching people and tricking them into buying the dreadnought (along those lines, I won't get into detail)

This guy's logic was... well, missing logic. Probably slightly disturbed. Still, banning does not always get rid of the problem...