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02-24-2011, 01:00 AM
Originally Posted by greenlightracer View Post
I know, I know, I should hit the "ignore" button.
This. Or just let him rant, when I see such people trolling ESD (like every day), I simply switch to the "fleet" window, where I see fleet reactions and whispers only. Simple as that. Ranting on ESD about how Cryptic sucks is like trying to talk your way out of being arrested. It's pointles, it never works and it only makes you look like a... you know what. In worst case it can actually make things worse.

Edit: the truth is, no matter how many time you can say "it's just a game", certain aspects of it (namely the social interaction) will always upset people. Some people will always take seriously what is being said on ESD chat and there will always be other people having fun at the expense of the first type.
So yes, these rants are usually harmless, it's just venting off the steam. You can make a thousand rules and ban the ranters to kingdom come, but their frustration won't go away by you banning it. Instead they'll just go outside and kick a cat or something.
Wishstone (or was it someone else?) said "We are adult people, let's act like them" - but the truth is, if everyone was acting like an adult, world would be a much better place to live in.